Our Story

Providing Shelter, Changing Lives

As members of Rotary Club Birmingham Breakfast, it’s our priority to always place ‘Service above Self’. Our role as Rotarians is to be leaders in the community, not for personal gain, but to better the people and places around us and leave a legacy for good.

In a developed country like the United Kingdom, some of the greatest societal problems are the unseen and unnoticed. Families struggling to make ends meet. Single mothers worrying how they will afford to feed their babies. Children taking the night bus to have a warm place to sleep.

This is our legacy. Taking a stand for the over 180,000 people throughout the United Kingdom that face these challenges every single day and providing a lifeline to give them confidence and support to get back on their feet and take on a better tomorrow.

With your support, every penny will go right back into your local community, providing shelter, nourishment, mental and physical health services, and advice to rough sleepers and homeless throughout every part of our Greater Birmingham community. Rotary Shelter Bus is a beacon of hope bringing the people and businesses of Greater Birmingham together to fight for those who need us most.

Our legacy is your legacy, Birmingham. Let’s work together to provide shelter that changes lives.


A home on wheels

Rotary Shelter Bus is more than just a place to lie your head, it’s a home. We’ll provide every single tenant a place to sleep, shower and cook, in addition to private consultation facilities that give access to a range of health and advisory services.

Every inch of the bus has been designed to maximise available sleeping spaces, whilst maintaining a level of privacy and comfort. Whether it’s one night or several, we aim to create a community that fosters self-improvement and empowerment.